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Security Challenge

Cheaper and easier access to technology is driving new opportunities for both business and cybercrime.

As more and more organisations use technology and also extend their existing computing infrastructure into more and more areas across the business the number of potential exposures is automatically increased.

The Caveris White Paper explores the key Information & Cyber security challenges facing businesses today. The sheer scale of technology adoption and reliance on humans to manage technology infrastructures constitutes a considerable risk. If this was not enough then the use of advanced techniques like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Automation by cybercriminals will stretch business defences to their limits.


Key observations include:


  • Inconsistent application of basic security hygiene controls is responsible for a significant percentage of all security incidents;

  • Reliance on manual processes with their inherent weaknesses are still the preferred method of managing risks, security controls and even entire security programmes

  • Lack of visibility is prevalent and a major hindrance to decision makers

At very basic level humans are unable to keep up with the continuous requirements to enforce security. It is imperative that businesses fight automation with their own automated protection mechanisms.

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Caveris White Paper

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