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Caveris Pricing Guide

Caveris appreciate that money is tight and there is a nervousness around implementing Risk Management solutions for fear of project delay and cost overruns. Our fixed price offerings will deliver value to you within weeks rather than months or years.  


Our tool and service offers all the functionality and capability (and more!) of the so-called leading players at a fraction of the cost.

Pricing Options

Caveris' pricing scales with your company.  We like to keep things simple and transparent. Select from one of the bundles below or talk to us for bespoke solutions.

100 Vendors

Vendor Classification

Risk Assessments

Issue Management


10 Users

TPRM Entry

Please Ask

Automate TPRM Questionnaires

200 Vendors

25 Users


TPRM Professional

Please Ask

Scale your TPRM program

All the features in Entry, and more

500 Vendors

50 Users


Threat Intelligence for up to 20 Critical Vendors


Enhanced Support


Help Shape the Roadmap

TPRM Advanced

Please Ask

TPRM with Automated Threat Intelligence

All the features in Professional, and more

Automation of Cyber & Technology Controls

Real-time monitoring of Control effectiveness


Alignment to Standards ISO 27001, NIST CSF, ...

Easy integration to external data sources


Please Ask

Automated Control Testing

Managed Service

Add in our optional Managed Service Wrap:

With our TPRM Managed Service you get access to experienced Cyber and Risk professionals to support you with vendor prioritisation and to evaluate vendor responses. This experience gives you comfort any risks and issues are being identified with appropriate mitigations put in place.

With our Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) Managed Service we keep the Caveris ICAS configuration up-to-date over time as your infrastructure changes and ensure your Controls are in alignment with your organisation's Assurance architecture. This lets you get on with managing your Controls and Risks without worrying about maintaining the underlying platform.

For more information and pricing on the Managed Service please get in touch

Leave nothing to chance

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