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RSA Archer

RSA Archer is a leader in the most recent Gartner Magic Quadrant reports for IT Risk Management and IT Vendor Risk Management tools. The Archer suite empowers organizations to manage multiple dimensions of risk on one platform with on-premise and SaaS offerings, and quickly implement industry-standard processes and best practices for advanced risk management maturity, informed decision-making and enhanced business performance.

The Caveris ICAS GRC Integration Module extends the Archer GRC capabilities into the domain of Cybersecurity. Archer customers can now benefit from automated low-level technology assurance checks run from the ICAS platform updating devices directly in Archer.


Information Secured Assured

Caveris Partners

We partner with best-in-class technology and solution providers to ensure that everything we do meets our customer’s objectives and exceeds their expectations.


We’re committed to working with partners to create integrated solutions that add customer value and strengthen the Cybersecurity ecosystem.  Caveris is a pioneer in Cybersecurity control automation, helping organisations across the globe better protect their business assets.  Join us…



Oracle is renowned for database software and technology, cloud engineered systems, and enterprise software products. Oracle acting in the capacity of Cloud Hosting Provider support Caveris’ Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) solution.

Oracle also support Caveris on their ‘Oracle for Start-ups’ programme, ‘helping deliver fresh solutions for Oracle and its customers’.

Service Provider

Risk Evolves

Risk Evolves are on a mission to help smaller businesses enjoy all the benefits that compliance offers. Rather than just ticking boxes, their simple, no-nonsense approach to compliance helps businesses increase efficiency, improve customer service, identify new opportunities and increase resilience.

Risk Evolves experienced Cyber Risk consultants deliver innovative Risk Management services to their customers around the Caveris ICAS Third-Party Risk Management solution.

Virtually Informed

Virtually Informed (VI) develops information to inform and educate non-Cybersecurity individuals about Cybersecurity, including businesses and community groups.

VI have created content and courses for Individuals and SMBs on Cybersecurity, the goal of which is to reach out to those who are not Cybersecurity professionals but have an interest in improving their knowledge, skills and experience to protect themselves better.

VI founding partner was shortlisted 5 in the IFSec Global 2020 20 Most Influential People in Security and included in 2018 Tech 500 Power influencers in the UK’s technology sector


Cyber Risk Management Group is a leading provider of Cybersecurity and Information Risk Services.


CRMG cuts through complexity by focusing solely on what matters – protecting your business sufficiently with minimum fuss and disruption.

Powered by Caveris, CRMG Eye acts as a single pane of glass, providing oversight and management of Cybersecurity across the entire organisation, ensuring required levels of protection in real time. It works to continuously monitor the effectiveness of your Cybersecurity controls and reporting back on exceptions via a simple dashboard. CRMG Eye can also be used to monitor customised set of controls for specific requirements – for example to monitor security in the home working
environment or to assess controls relating to your ‘Joiners/Leavers/Movers’ process.

CRMG Eye marries up the experience of CRMG experts who conduct a cybersecurity gap assessment, with the unparalleled capability of Caveris real time control monitoring system.

Leave nothing to chance


2MC have completed over 650 successful GRC projects through a variety of platforms. While they remain RSA Archer’s primary UK consultancy, 2MC has also developed relationships with and implemented projects for SureCloud, SAI Global BWise, ServiceNow, SAI Global and Thompson Reuters. This multi-platform, vendor-agnostic approach provides businesses with an unparalleled understanding of GRC best practices, ensuring that each project’s requirements are impartially evaluated and suitably matched with the most appropriate technology.

In a market dominated by product vendors, 2MC addresses this imbalance by providing bespoke independent but complementary business-led consulting and services. The three elements of people, processes, and technology are vital to the success of any GRC programme, an approach that dovetails perfectly with Caveris ICAS suite, and 2MC applies to all of their client’s projects.

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