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Third-Party Assessments

Third-Parties download and complete Excel Questionnaire Assessments from the Caveris ICAS TPRM Portal. Once completed the Questionnaire Assessment is upload to the Caveris ICAS TPRM Portal where they can add documentary evidence to substantiate their responses.​

Caveris ICAS TPRM 

A Modern and Flexible Platform

The Caveris ICAS TPRM Platform automates the governance and oversight of Third-Party Risk.

Single Pane of Glass Dashboard 

Caveris ICAS TPRM brings structure, order and rigour to the management of Third-Party Risk. Orchestrating the execution and tracking of Third-Party Questionnaires across the organisation ICAS gives businesses total visibility of their Third-Party Risk in a Single Pane of Glass, so they can proactively understand risk and make timely interventions.


Provisioning Caveris ICAS TPRM couldn’t be simpler. Adding Third-Parties is achieved either though the UI with a few mouse clicks or import a set of Third-Parties from an Excel spreadsheet.


Caveris ICAS TPRM comes pre-configured with templated Questionnaires aligned to established Cybersecurity standards which can be applied to a Third-Party. Customers can also extend or build their own Questionnaires in minutes using the ICAS Questionnaire Builder UI.

Using the concept of Inherent Risk, Third-Parties are categorised into Risk Rankings (e.g. High Risk, Medium Risk, Low Risk, etc.) so that effort can then be prioritised and questionnaires selected appropriately to ensure Third-Parties are only answering questions relevant to them and have a positive user experience.

Questionnaire Management

Third-Parties Questionnaires within Caveris ICAS TPRM are configured to be sent out on a configurable schedule. The Security Officer can also override this schedule and send out immediately through the UI.


The status of Third-Party Questionnaires is easily seen through the Questionnaire Management UI.

Security Officer Moderation

Third-Party Assessments once uploaded to the Caveris ICAS TPRM Portal are assessed and moderated by the Security Officer. The Security Officer can change the status of any given response and also add their own moderation notes that form part of the evidential proof audit trail. An intuitive workflow allows the Security Officer to send the questionnaire to a colleague for review and approval with the full audit trail of these approvals maintained.

Leave nothing to chance

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