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Take Control of your Third-Party Risk Management

Caveris ICAS TPRM Managed Service

The Caveris ICAS TPRM Managed Service gives you peace of mind that Third-Party Risk is taken care of.

Third-Parties add Risk

Organisations are increasingly dependent on third-parties to deliver resilient and cost effective customer and stakeholder outcomes.  

This creates a globally interconnected supply chain that is heavily reliant on technology. While this offers huge benefits it also introduces risk. Incidents involving third-parties are ever increasing and these can be time consuming and costly to resolve.

Experienced Oversight

Managed Service subscribers benefit from Experienced Cyber and Risk professionals, with extensive knowledge and expertise in their field.


From assessing third-party responses to evaluating how effectively they address Cybersecurity, outsourcing this aspect of Cyber Risk enables organisations to enhance their security posture, confident in the knowledge they are in safe hands.

Integrate Risk Intelligence

Integrate Risk Intelligence data so that you are not just taking the word of the Third-Parties that risks are managed.

  • Automated collection and analysis of any Risk Intelligence data. This could be Cyber​, Financial, ESG data sources whether open source or subscription.

  • Weight Risk Intelligence data more highly than Manual Attestations to influence the Third-Party Risk Score accordingly.

  • Maintain a comprehensive evidential proof audit trail of decisions and risk scores assigned to third parties alongside an intuitive workflow and dashboarding to allow you to proactively manage Third-Party Risk.

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"The Caveris ICAS TPRM Managed Service has given us back time to concentrate on other urgent Cyber Risk priorities, confident that Third-Party Risk is taken care of"

Mik Hillewaert, CEO, Metsi

Our fixed price offering will deliver value to you within weeks rather than months or years

Our tool and service offers all the functionality and capability (and more!) of the so called leading players at a fraction of the cost. What do you have to lose by having a no obligation conversation on how we could help you? 

Automate Risk Assessments

The Caveris ICAS TPRM solution allows you to Automate your Third-Party Risk Assessment Lifecycle on a single user friendly platform so you can identify, track and remediate issues faster.

  • Monitor all Third-Parties through a Single Pane of Glass Dashboard, so you can proactively understand risk and make timely interventions.

  • Automate Third-Party Assessments, reducing costs and errors.

  • Free up scarce resources so that they can focus on more valuable activities.

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