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Caveris ICAS (Information & Cyber Assurance Suite) provides business with total security oversight so that they can enforce a consistently stronger Information Security Posture


Caveris ICAS Security Assurance Manager formalises and industrialises your Information Security Programme.

 It does this by modelling in software the organisation hierarchy down to the individual controls and their workflows. Our Orchestration engine then executes and tracks those workflows using manual attestation tasks across the Business & IT Operations divisions and automated compliance tasks across technology infrastructures.


Security Assurance Manager derives a quantifiable rating of an organisation’s information security posture from the integrity of controls executed across the business that can be used as a basis for making informed decisions.

Stronger Security

Security Assurance Manager brings structure, order and oversight to the management of Information and Cyber security, resulting in the enforcement of a consistent, repeatable and predictable level of security across the entire enterprise.

Audit Trail

Security Assurance Manager maintains a comprehensive audit trail that can be used as evidential proof to demonstrate due diligence to internal & external stakeholders.

Cost Reduction

Security Assurance Manager executes and tracks controls across the entire organisation ensuring the right actions are taken by the right people (or by software) at the right time, saving time and effort in coordination and oversight.

Caveris ICAS On-Premise Compliance Automation Manager automates low level compliance checks across technology infrastructures.

It does this by continually pulling back key data attributes from on-Premise Management Systems & Security Toolsets to build a Virtual Inventory of infrastructure objects and security instrumentation against which user configurable logic can be applied.

Compliance Checks

On-Premise Compliance Automation Manager continually analyses data in the Virtual Asset Registry to identify security non-conformities in infrastructure objects and expose operational trends across multiple disciplines.

Correlated Risk

On-Premise Compliance Automation Manager continually correlates data in the Virtual Asset Registry ingested from multiple sources to uncover previously hidden risks and highlight operational maturity of the IT Operations division.

Custom Monitors

On-Premise Compliance Automation Manager Custom Monitors can be used to check for any anomaly across your infrastructure and trigger follow-up or remediation workflow as required.

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