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Democratising InfoSec Compliance Software

Democratisation of software is the process by which access to software rapidly continues to become more accessible to more and more organisations.

In the area of information and cyber security this is important because more and more businesses of all sizes have no choice but to pay attention to how they are protecting their information assets.

There are a number of dynamics driving this including;

1. Increasing digitisation of business processes means that more and more organisations are wholly dependent on IT to conduct their daily business activities.

2. The ever increasing risk and sophistication of cyber attacks. More and more organisations are insisting that companies in their supply chain are following best practices.

3. Many now insists their suppliers have accreditations in place such as Cyber Essentials+ and ISO 27001 and can provide the evidential proof to of compliance on an ongoing basis.

4. Increased regulation across industries related to information and cyber risk.

While organisations do make significant investments in information and cyber security tools and processes, many still have informal (spreadsheets), labor intensive (manual) and inconsistent processes in place to manage information & cyber security compliance. Poor governance can lead to ineffective security controls leaving the door open to potential exploits.

While the financial implications of a data breach can be profound (loss of IP, damaged reputation, loss of revenue, regulator fines…) if your organisation has not yet experienced one then making the business case to invest in compliance software based on cost avoidance can be a challenge. This is compounded by the fact that the tangible cost savings in man hours saved by streamlining and automating the process do not outweigh the upfront and ongoing investment required to deliver a software solution.

At Caveris we are on a mission to change this dynamic by offering solutions that provide enterprise class capabilities, deliver business value quickly and incrementally and software licensing at a price point that does not break the bank.

All of this helps create a “Brain Dead ROI” enabling broader market adoption of more rigorous information and cyber security compliance processes.

In the coming months we will also be launching a free offering to help organisations start on the journey of formalising and industrialising their information and security compliance process. In doing so this will enable security and IT managers who are early in the journey to start implementing empirical measures so they can demonstrate the importance of critical security controls and in doing so educate business stakeholder on the importance of good governance of information and cyber security compliance.

If you would like to learn more do not hesitate to get in touch or take a look at our explainer video https://www.caveris.co.uk/post/caveris-explainer-video.

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